Commodity Trading

Quasar Holdings (Pty) Ltd, in conjunction with our preferred partner Cloudburst Invest (Pty) Ltd, are focussed on sourcing and supplying of commodities across Africa. Our long-term relationships have enabled us to source from all major suppliers, manufacturers as well as but not limited to direct offtakes with commercial farmers.

Our offering includes supply of Agricultural commodities, food commodities and general supplies under the umbrella of our national offtakes. Bulk supply has also assisted us to negotiate directly with the majors for the most competitive pricing in the market.

Nutritional Products

On our journey within the commodity space, we realized the need for fortification and food supplement products. Quasar Holdings (Pty) Ltd. acquired the assistance of a major local SAPHRA registered laboratory to design and manufacture our own range of nutritional value-added products. Currently we are very focused on children and expectant mothers under the brand DaNutri100.

As per client engagement these products can be adapted as well as creating products with specific nutritional specifications in either bulk supply or as per customer’s customized packaging requirements.

Business Consultation

  • Identifying, analysing and solving clients’ problems;
  • Creating business requirement documents such as strategies, business plans and proposals to maximise impact and business potential for our clients;
  • Facilitating meetings for clients with key stakeholders to develop an understanding of their business, legislation, and frameworks; For example, most of our specialist negotiators, have access to many top politicians, government and business executives; venture capitalists and major local and international organisations;
  • Helping organisations to solve issues, creating value, maximising growth and improving business performance;
  • Providing objective advice and expertise and helping organisations and individuals to develop any specialist skills that may be lacking.

QSA Management System

POS Systems
  • Fully integrates POS system to general ledger.
  • Sales to debtors / accounts receivable.
  • Purchases / orders or stock orders to creditors / accounts payable.
  • Numerous reporting on stock sales, quantities, variances, stock to order
  • Orders on non-stock items to creditors / accounts payable.
  • Debtor / accounts receivable statements, 30/60/90 days.
  • Debtor / accounts receivable age analysis.
  • Creditor / accounts payable statements / remittance advice.
  • Creditor / accounts payable age analysis.
  • Fully integrated general ledger with sub ledgers ie, sales journal, purchase journal, receipts, payments etc.
  • Income statement & balance sheet.
  • Every financial transaction is captured once, the system will prompt the specific transaction with a audit trail.
  • User defined with access levels to the system.
  • No month end necessary to retrieve monthly financials ie, income statements, balance sheet or trail balance.
  • Current budget to the income statement is displayed.
  • Integrated VAT calculations.

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