Our Clients

  • Local and International Investors
  • Government Departments
  • Provincial and Local Government
  • Energy Institutions
  • Information Technology Sector
  • Private Sector
  • State-owned Enterprises
  • Production and Manufacturing sector

Why Choose Us?

  • Impartiality: We offer all our services with objectivity and purpose: can analyse your needs or problems from a new perspective and offer fresh insight
  • Skills and expertise diversity: We have specialists who can address specific problems or do certain tasks, whether providing advice, hands-on
  • Wide-ranging network and resources: We can support or help with proxy battles; we have abundant contacts in our various fields and work regularly with numerous experts. We also have research networks, material and experience in similar fields and therefore, have the full capacity to deliver on assignments.
  • Integrity: We provide good quality services at short notice and on time; we have a solid reputation for professional, ethical work.
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